I'm asked if I have an Etsy site. Yes and no. It's kinda on hold right now because I'm in transition from a desktop to laptop computer. Sound simple -- it's not. My camera has a SmartMedia card and adapter for a floppy drive. My laptop has no floppy drive. I'm sure there are ways of getting around this having to do with items of varying cost. Alas...unless my budget improves, that's not going to happen. I suppose I could rehook-up my desktop and do a camera-smartcard-adapter-desktop-borrowed.memorystick-laptop transfer... hang in there with me while my Prozac kicks in....


  1. I had the same problem, but it was compounded with the fact that I'm technologically-impaired. I discovered that my camera could also use a cable that connected to a USB port on my laptop--so all is now well!

  2. my laptop froze up on me, and I decided to go back to a desktop - which I really love. I'm on etsy; check out the etsybloggers - they're a fun team. pretty beads you have there...