The Mad Hatter takes on Mediacom

At right is one of the hats/caps I've been making in order to not fiddle around in the refrigerator. Twenty and counting, so I've got to start selling some of them! I'll be putting them up on Etsy soon; I'll mention it here when I do. In the meantime, anyone who's interested in seeing what I've been doing, check it out here. If you're interested in having me make one for you, just email me at kellythek(at)gmail(dot)com. We'll get together and you can send me the yarn you want it made from, and choose the pattern.
Today is the last day of my 6 month exile from all the good cable stations. It's way too expensive to get even the so-called 'family pack' (close to $60 a month, and adding even the slowest broadband internet connection brings my bill to just a wee bit under $100 per month. So I opted for basic (channels 2-13) for half a year in order to eventually qualify for the Mediacom specials. Now the fun begins, because it's going to have to be a VERY special offer indeed now that I've found out I can actually do without my cable favorites (Discovery, History, A&E, etc...). So much is on the internet in those great rebroadcasting sites like Hulu, that pretty much everything is already at my fingertips. All I'd have to do is bring my easy chair into my workroom so I could put my feet up while I watch/crochet. If it weren't for my Mediacom DVR I'd pare things down even further...all the better to buy yarn with. So, Mediacom, if you want me all the way back, your offers are going to have to be sensational.

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