Please, Michelle - don't do it!!

Please, Michelle... don't put on that hat!

There is something about a black woman in a hat that is just perfect. In an era when hats in general have fallen out of style, 'women of color' of whatever heritage still know that their dressed-up look is complete only when that hat, chosen carefully, is lovingly added as the finishing touch. In fact, a charming book about the affection between African/Jamaican/etc.-American women and hats is entitled "Crowns," a perfect title if ever there was one.

Dunno why, but white women just don't look quite right in hats. (Sorry, Your Majesty, but that means you, too.) Take pretty much any hat and try it on a caucasian gal, and it somehow looks like an affectation. Hand that same hat over to a black woman and it will more than likely look like it was made for her. The last white women who really carried off the hat as stylish accessory were Jackie Kennedy, and to a greater degree, Audrey Hepburn. And only the latter could have made the hat above look as charming as it does on even the average black woman.

So I beg of you, Michelle. Don't go making hats 'in' ... Silly women not of black heritage will go jumping on the bandwagon (or in the hatbox) and make fashion fools of themselves. You have a fantastic style sense, and I bet you look just as wonderful in hats as do pretty much any of your 'sisters.' It's because we white women don't that I beg you to withstand the temptation.


  1. that's funny - let's see what happens...

  2. awww, you wrote it funny, but there are white women out there who look good in hats, particularly with a big wide brim (a la Audrey). I'm a huge lover of hats myself, I think it's just that most "white women" never learned how to wear hats correctly, or don't know how to choose the right shape to fit their face and head.

  3. I beg to differ. This is a cute and funny post but I have seen some beautiful white women in hats. Now me, I have a big head and look awful in hats. But I think we can all wear a hat or two.

  4. One exception is Aretha Franklin, that hat she had on at the Inauguration was hysterical she should leave the hats at home.... LOL