Speaking of Love...

Such a simple, well-bandied-about word. Full of meaning and yet often signifying very little. It's this latter type of 'love' I'm going to blog about. I'm going to use the word in the same way we say "I just LOVE Burger King," or "Simon Baker" or whatever. Just a way of further introducing myself.
Because it's still on my mind, I'll start by saying I just loved the show "Life On Mars." Feh to the network for dumping it. But I'm grateful they sewed up the series in the finale. A few years ago I faithfully watched a police procedural called "High Incident" which ended it's season with a MAJOR cliffhanger, never to be seen again.
I also love "Treasure Quest"... they'd BETTER find a lotta treasure to keep that ship afloat!
*Flavored coffee creamer in hot water, sans coffee. Very much a 'comfort drink.'
*Unsweetened Kool-Aid without any kind of sweetener... no sugar, no artificial sweetener.
*a turkey in the fridge to pick on, rather than regular meals.
*'real' Volkswagen beetles, not the kinda-sorta ones they offer today
*printer manufacturers who don't sell cheap printers with outrageously expensive ink. I have a friend who just buys new printers that come with cartridges in place and an extra set in the box. He uses the printer until the inks are gone, then buys another computer and sells the old one on Ebay. He actually comes out ahead doing this.
*Lavender-Vanilla spray scent that Walmart sells. It must agree with my personal body chemistry - I've had a lot of inquiries about it.
*cold pizza for breakfast
*replies to my blogs
From now on, I think I'll append other blog entries with a few 'I love's' as they come to me.
Anyone have any opinion on the Kindle? I'm just curious...what's the benefit over and above a paperback, aside from immediacy?

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