Greatest American Sit-com

Once upon a time, boys and girls, when the state of the television entertainment media wasn't all flash and glam, there came an enchanting series called "The Greatest American Hero." [GAH] The stars weren't stellar... you might not have heard of any of them aside from Robert Culp (of "I Spy" fame). Connie Selleca wasn't all that well-known (she of the currently Mrs. John Tesh status), and the basic claim to fame that William Katt has is this charming series, over 100 listings in IMDb, and good acting genes (mom: Barbara Hale, the original Della Street; dad: Bill Williams, the original Kit Carson, both of TV fame in the 50's-60's). I don't know why his star didn't skyrocket - GAH showed his great timing and cute-as-a-button good looks. The series' backstory can be found on Wikipedia; it's all you really need to get caught up on the premise.

This short video from YouTube gives you an example of the fun and playfulness and pure joy of the series. I've read that the three stars loved every minute of it, and it really shows. The casting was pure genius...I can't picture anyone else in the roles, especially Katt and Culp, who seem to share a buddy-chemistry missing in a whole lot of more recent shows. Culp seems to know just when to take center stage, so to speak, and when to give it over to Katt's underplayed, whimsical nature. Heh... do you think Netflix would mind if I..uh...'lost' the whole series...? {grin}

Please, if you want to see a really feel-good, charming, witty, fun show...rent this. I've heard that Steven Cannell is going to make a movie to go into production in 2009. If you don't watch the original, you won't enjoy the movie nearly as much. Talk is of Adam Sandler playing the part of Ralph. I can only shudder.

I have to tell ya, though... the theme creates an 'earworm.' You've been warned.

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  1. Ha! I wrote the other day that "Maude" had the best theme song in TV history, but GAH's was right up there at the top as well. I might have to rent the series, just for the warm memories.