I'm typing on a keyboard that's giving me fits. Appaarently my 'old' 'board below kicked off in sympathy with my car; it refuses to type certain letters. The major problem with this is, it was an ergonomic keyboard I've used for over 10 years, and after 4 wrist/arm surgeries, it's the only one I can use with any comfort. (see image)

So, do I use part of the car repair money to get another one? With a $650 per month income, I don't just run out and get a new one. Ebay has a few, but the shipping is awful, and I could pay either the cost of the keyboard or the shipping, but not both.

(I've only typed those two paragraphs and already my left set of fingers are going numb using the laptop keyboard...later they will ache.)

If anyone has a keyboard like the one above that they've hated and put away, I'd be happy to reimburse your shipping cost. I would love it as if it were my own child, and keep it clean and happy.

Wthout t would tpe lke ths. Pettee pathetc, sn't t?

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