Dewdrops falling in your mailbox...

It occured to me that the best way to help folks understand how neat Dewdrops are (see post below) would be to share some. So... if you'd like to have a little sample, please send me an email (use the comments link--I won't publish inquiries), and I'll send you information by email on how you can see them for yourself and use them in whatever project you want. Cost-free aside from a couple of stamps for return mail SASE, they'll speak for themselves! And an Entrecard 'drop' would be nice, too, for which I'll reciprocate if you're even *close* to appropriate for Art, Hobbies or Fashion.

I keep forgetting to invite you over to my Flickr album, which is also forgotten by me when I finish and photo my pieces. That's got to stop, Kelly! Show your stuff! Since it's all for sale, I might as well show it to folks who might be interested, huh...


  1. Love your dewdrops Kelly, and also think Jael's use of them is amazing. Makes me want to get out all the polymer clay in the drawer and have a go at making something from it.

  2. I've tagged you! Check out my blog for the rules!

  3. It's funny, I came across your blog earlier when this post was new and loved the dewdrops but forgot to bookmark it. I dropped on you a few times (I think) but was so busy I didn't scroll down. Now here you are on my Entrecard dashboard, thank goodness! How can I get a sample? I'm just beginning to solder and I think they'd be perfect for what I have in mind. Do you have an etsy shop?