I'm a kitten person...

Don't get me wrong... I adore my two cats, T'elma and Dharma (personality-wise, between the two of them they make one great cat). But I'm a sucker for kittens. I don't go to cat shows because kittens might be there. I can withstand the temptation to gather cats up en masse, but get me near a kitten and I'm a blob of jelly in seconds. I guess it's understandable, since I'm one of those people who love babies, but try to avoid being around kids from 2 on up for more than a half-hour or so.

It was frustrating when my two kids were little, finding so many 'adults only' rules on apartments I wanted to rent, even though I fully understood the reason. (All you need is a hot-wheels tricycle going back and forth under your bedroom window early on a Saturday morning to understand...) I wonder, would an 'adults only' restaurant be legal? Friends laugh at me knowingly when we're sitting in a restaurant and that first shriek fills the air (and probably goes down the block, too...). I get out so infrequently (usually once a month to a beader's meeting) that it makes me want to run shrieking myself. Once is ok...parents can't anticipate the first one... but to let it continue should be worth a ticket and fine at the very minimum! ;o) Or maybe a citizen's arrest for disturbing the peace?

But back to kittens... I once heard someone (not a kitten 'owner') call them 'guileless.' Yeah, right. Kittens are not born with much in the way of social skills, but most come with a full complement of guile, which we immediately play into. Two genes click on the moment their eyes focus... the mischief one and the 'ain't I cute' one. Then I'm lost...one more victim of kitten hypnosis.


  1. Hi. Me too!
    Those in the picture are so cute, I feel like "squeezing" them, lol.

  2. To "Kristie Says"

    Q: It's funny, I came across your blog earlier when this post was new and loved the dewdrops but forgot to bookmark it. I dropped on you a few times (I think) but was so busy I didn't scroll down. Now here you are on my Entrecard dashboard, thank goodness! How can I get a sample? I'm just beginning to solder and I think they'd be perfect for what I have in mind. Do you have an etsy shop?

    A: Thank you! I'd be happy to send you a little sample. Just email me at kellythek at gmail dot com and I'll give you the SASE information, plus some technical information you might need for what you are planning.

  3. Addendum:

    Oh, and yes, I have an Etsy store - my name there is Kellyk, plus my eBay name is glassmagic-gal.

  4. Kelly, you cracked me up! I'm exactly the same way about cats and kids! We do have two daughters, but they are teenagers so we can have real conversations with them now! :)

    My addiction is puppies! I would take them all home with me if I could!