When I first started 'playing with glass' I discovered that just as many artists were interested in the little dichroic half-rounds that I was making as they were in the more 'artistic' items I created. Well, that's ok! These dewdrops are now what helps put food on the table and keeps the gas/lights on. They're devilishly labor-intensive, too, so most of the folks who buy them ultimately appreciate the little jewels they've acquired. (For information, email me: kellythek@gmail.com)

While I'm mentioning artsy things, let me again mention my friend Jael Thorp, who does phenomenally amazing things with my little Dewdrops -

Here is her Flickr album - worth perusing just for the 'wow' factor!

Jael's quite a gal - She donates a lot of her work to causes such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure, as well as a good portion of her profits to the discretionary fund at her minister husband's church in Rantoul (IL). And she does a whole lot of kindnesses just out of the overwhelming goodness of her heart.
Hugs to Jael!

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