I wanna be Smart...

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I'm in love with a car. I haven't been this taken with an automobile since the REAL Volkswagen bug went out of production. I did have a brief fling...well, not so brief - 9 years - with my Suzuki Samurai (and it never flipped over once!) but the SmartCar is my longed-for set of wheels.

Not that I will ever have one - my days of actually acquiring what I'd like to drive are over, I think. And if they're REALLY smart, somewhere down the line they'll make it a hybrid - that would be astounding mileage!

In the meantime, if anyone would like to buy me one, I'm not proud. Well, I am, but I'm certainly not stupid...!


  1. That button is hilarious! And pretty much sums up my feelings about smart cars. But I also feel that way about most small cars. I can't stand to drive them...they feel like little coffins on wheels. I'll stick with my slightly safer Rav4. I still get 25-27 mpg and I'm good with that.

  2. it's adorable! I'm still in my small (old) truck, but can't wait to buy a hybrid...I've got to wait...

  3. great button...maybe you need one for your side that uses a gas guzzling taunt.

    Love the SMART too...my son wants a purple one