Just What I Thought... Pt. 1

Listening to one of my neighbors talk about her 50th high school reunion just confirmed what I've always thought... reunions have diminishing returns as time goes by.

I attended my 20th reunion. (I didn't want to go to my 10th H.S. reunion because...well, I didn't think it was enough time for people to mellow, for the jocks to settle down and the nerds and other 'second class students' to blossom.) Joy abounded -- the jocks were, for the most part, beginning to cultivate beer bellies, and the popular (pretty, of course) girls going quietly (or not) into matronly early middle-age. Everyone was looking furtively at everyone else, and you could almost hear the wheels turning: "...at least I'm not the only one..." or, worse, "...at least I don't look that bad..."

I haven't been interested in attending any other reunions. It could only go downhill from that one, plus I'm not sure I want to know why some folks weren't there. Curious, for sure, in the way we see an accident and think, thru our sympathy, '...sure glad it's not me...' So, SRHS, enjoy your trips down memory lane, and a hearty wave to you all, but it's BTDT for me, sans T-shirt.

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