Breathing easier...

...in several ways. Trying to put my inspection reprieve to good use, and the corn pollen seems to have settled down a bit. My regular pharmacist (in nearby Paxton) saved the day by doing what the Walgreen's guy couldn't...pushed my breathing med thru medicare. I have to give kudos to this particular pharmacy...Hudson's...they really rise to the occasion when needed, without blinking an eye. As an example, I had a nasty staph infection on my leg that needed immediate antibiotic. The Rx was called into a local pharmacy which promised delivery the next day (they deliver 2 days per week). The next day was very snowy, and they decided not to do deliveries. I called them to ask if they would catch up on the undelivered scripts the next day...seemed logical.

No, they would wait until the next scheduled time, three days later. I called Hudson's, which delivered it that same day. (no charge, incidentally) I subsequently pulled all my business from the local pharmacy and have been with Hudson's ever since. The one time I wavered was this last time with the breathing med, because it was early evening and I thought it would be expendient. [snort!!] I'm just grateful there are places like Hudson's still around.

I have taken this weekend 'off,' essentially - forced myself not to feel guilty about not doing much, and it was very restful.

Now... tomorrow will be another day - my first time back to the lunch I attend twice a week when they play 5c a card bingo. Last time I was there, one of my tablemates was going to move to Canada if Obama won the election. Maybe it's been enough time for the ol' coot to simmer down... if not, I have a feeling my mouth is going to get me in trouble...again....

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