TV Shows - some are just too good to miss!

While I'm kadoodling with some beadmaking and other creative endeavors, my little TV or laptop is ever at the ready.

Currently I'm catching up on a series I missed the first season-and-a-half, on Hulu. It's Burn Notice, and I guess you could call it the poor man's OO7. While trying to learn who 'burned him,' former spy Michael takes on what you might call 'odd jobs' earning the money that used to come a lot easier as a 'special ops' guy for 'the government.' A lot of fun, a lot of explosions, but not a lot of bloodshed, and what there is isn't nearly as messy as CSI's.

Another 'never miss' is Dexter. I'm just amazed at Michael C. Hall's talent. I just wish I could find a site that has back seasons of '6 Feet Under.'

I have plans to catch up on the seasons of another show I missed first time around - 'Rescue Me,' because I really like Denis Leary. Finally, when I'm thru with that, I'll peek in on a few others I've ignored because they cost big bucks to subscribe, like HBO and Showtime. Bless these streaming rerun sites!!


  1. I love this show too--totally addictive :)

  2. I will have to check that one out on DVD. I really liked the first 2 seasons of Rescue Me but then it lost me I'm afraid.

  3. Burn Notice is great. After picking up on Dexter a few months back (have watched them all now) I started watching 6 Feet Under. I use www.surfthechannel.com to watch 6 feet. The Tudou links work the best though sometimes they are slow to load.