Good/Bad News and a Thanksgiving wish...

I passed our housing unit inspection despite dumping a whole shoebox full of beads and supplies on the floor just as the housing nazi arrived to inspect. I must make the catbox alcove a little more accessible to fresh air, but other than that I'm ok for another 6 months...just enough time to get it all cluttered again.

Bad news (and I had a feeling this would happen) is that I think the UTI/kidney prob is back, just in time for the T'giving holiday medical office closures. The doc substituting for my regular MD gave me 5 days of antibiotic, although I think 10 is more the norm. At any rate, those 'fork in the ribs' sharp pains in the right side are back. By the time the office opens, I'll be more than ready to pop in and say 'hi again!'...

And my best wishes and prayers for my friend Jael, who is going thru more stresses this season than any one person (or even family) should go thru. She truly deserves to say 'what next???' every five minutes as long as it takes to subside!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the UTI/kidney problems. Try cranberry juice...it's a natural antibiotic, and while it won't substitute for a trip to the doctor and a healthy dose of antibiotics, it'll help get you through the problem and help reduce some of the pain. Best of luck!