What's it to Ya?

Warning - this may be considered a contentious post, so if you don't want to possibly be annoyed do go watch The View, or Oprah or whatever. It will be fairly short.

Among the propositions on which Californians were offered their say, Proposition 8 (gay marriage) was the most repugnant, IMO, and one of the reasons I left California 10 years ago. What was once a truly Golden State became tarnished with the advent of George Deukmejian (1983), and the loss of the gay marriage affirmation (3 days ago). Can California have come only THIS far in 25 years?

To those who voted for the Prop (outlawing same-sex marriage) I ask you -- "What's it to you?" I have no dog in this hunt, being neither gay nor (still) married, but I wouldn't begin to think of taking away something as precious and important as marriage from a large segment of our population.

Gay marriage (I hate that phrase!) doesn't jeopardize traditional wedlock. If you're offended, go somewhere else, look elsewhere, or think of blue skies and puppies. Your marriage is safe. Since most of the scientific evidence indicates that 'gayness' is genetic rather than whimsical, it's unlikely that any of your family will be 'recruited.' The majority of this important minority is simply looking for peace, and love, and recognition of themselves as part of the Family of Man (no pun intended). Who are you to thwart this search? Do you think that by voting for that odious Proposition, the 'offending behavior' will cease? Of course not. When we start legislating, in 2008, from each others' bedrooms, we truly will have begun a really nasty downward spiral.



  1. I agree with you.. and for the ones that did have that blessed union of marriage together and then to find out they are against the law... I can only imagine their loss. The Gays are people just like us. Why are people so cruel to other people.. thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

  2. That's exactly what my mother (79 years old) said... What's it to them? Why do other people care if two gay people want to get married legally? It's not hurting anyone.

  3. Do you really want an answer to your questions?

    First, let me state that I do NOT approve of verbally or physically assaulting homosexuals or otherwise treating them as less than human. However, I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle and do not wish to support it in any way.

    To start with, how can homosexuality be genetic if homosexuals don't mate in the way that requires reproduction? There's at least 1 book, "Born That Way?" that disputes the notion that homosexuals can't help their orientation.

    Second, let me put it this way, would you go to India and ask the natives for permission to slaughter a cow (a sacred animal there)? If you did, I'd bet the most polite answer you could expect would be, "If you really want to do it, I won't stop you, but don't expect me to support or approve." If you then called them bigoted or "beefeaterphobics" for not giving you a cow-killing license, it most certainly would not improve their attitude towards you. If you then promised not to indoctrinate their kids into accepting cow-killing, they probably wouldn't believe you, because you've already pushed your agenda where it wasn't wanted and showed disrespect for their beliefs.

    If homosexuals want to live together and do their thing, I'm certainly not going to go out of my way to stop two (or more) consenting adults, but to ask me and other conservatives to support such a lifestyle by way of granting it a marriage license, crosses the line.

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  5. Well said, and with compassion. If only more voters had seen it that way. It's an issue that's not going away, that's for sure.

  6. I agree with you! I'm a 47 year old married to a white man for 23 years and I have NEVER understood how this country can take one interpretation of ONE religion and use it to undermine and marginalize a certain group of people. The Southern Baptists recently PUBLICLY apologized to the black citizens and for their role in slavery and racism. I wonder how long it will take for them to apoligze to the Gay community. It's sad that evolution takes so long for some people but THANK you for this post! There are Many religious organizations in this country that support gay rights. I ask why only ONE or TWO religions in this country control the law makers?