This Day in History...

Voted today around 11am - I knew if I waited much longer I'd rationalize my vote away. I'm totally miserable with hay fever and hopefully temporary ... um... well - ya know that commercial with the little copper pipe characters?? Like that. It's really frustrating with hay fever, especially the kind I have, which is probably brought on by the disking of corn stalks. I braved the possible embarrassment and went to vote, anyway, because at the very least I wanted to nullify a vote by the loyal opposition. Made it there and back safe, sound and otherwise dignified, but this really has to stop, literally.

On the way home I thought about all the other presidential races I've voted in. Pretty much all of them had either a winner with an agenda, or were won by well-meaning but ineffective candidates. THIS time, I really think both candidates have the best interests of the country at heart, and the means to be effective. So my choice really just came down to the people directly surrounding each one, and the ability to admit a bad choice and change course.

Watched "The View" today and found myself screaming at EH. She's become a one-trick pony in her 'don't interrupt me while I'm interrupting you' defense of McCain. I hope she wasn't planning on becoming Official Hostess to a McCain administration...

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