The inspection saga continues....

As loyal readers may remember, I've been suffering (big-time!) with a UTI with possible kidney complications. For some reason it's not painful (most are) but it's energy-sapping.

On the heels of this charming illness comes the biannual unit inspection of the community in which I live. Since I'm a clutterer and semi-hoarder (just things I'm sure I'm going to use someday...) the only thing to do was to bite the bullet and get to 'tidying'... What with rest periods, some procrastination, and the occasional glance or two at the TV, my only recourse as I counted down in hours to today's inspection was to pull an all-nighter.

That's right... awake from 5am Tuesday until this morning at around 9:30am. The place wasn't perfect, and Roger Hazard of "Sell this House!" would almost certainly spend most of his time in it frowning, but sometimes reality just has to be accepted.

Exhausted, I emailed the office and mentioned my illness, and requested that they check out my place first, "so I could go back to bed." (They are infamous for never changing their schedules for anything ... as in, "you're dying? Just don't block our way..." It's why I didn't try to postpone it--it's like poking a caged tiger)

So what happens? While I'm "indisposed" I get a call that goes to voicemail. Because I'm sick, they are rescheduling me for the last tour of inspections on the 26th.

This, for me, is the very definition of mixed emotions... as I neared my 30th hour with no sleep, irrationally proud that I could actually do it, contemplating the total futility of it... it was pretty much more than I could handle. So I went to bed to dedicate at least 5 or so hours to olympic-quality snoring.

Hour 2: Charley-Horse!!! Worse, they're bilateral in the thighs, and the kind that make you suspect, thru your agony, that you just may levitate out of bed. The kind where you're fine standing up but no possible position lying down will block its relentlessness. So......... it will be at least 50 hours (minus the 2 I snuck in) of unrelenting 'awakeness.' I'll watch my favorite shows, then I'll try sleep one more time.

Less of a challenge than keeping the place tidy until the 26th....

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