The Inspection Nazis

Note: The photo in this post is NOT of my place -- but it sure is close.

Once more the managers of the community where I live have scheduled an inspection of everyone's home. This is for construction/obstruction/repair problems within each unit, and I understand that, I really do. But I was raised by parents who closed themselves in their home, and while the curtains weren't always drawn, the blinds were always set so no one could look in. Privacy was as vital to them as air and water.

Now the inspection affects me strongly along privacy issues. I hate having people wander thru my house; it's a feeling I'm being judged (and probably being found wanting). Since I'm a clutterer/procrastinator, it always means I have to stop what I'm doing and tidy up. Ah, that it would only be a dusting/vacuuming kind of 'tidy' -- no, it's the yard bag and shovel kind, due to the disability I have in my arms and fingers. Things drop, and usually when I'm busy trying to do something that might sell and thereby is more important to my personal survival, like paying the rent and keeping the utilities on. Lets see... I drop things maybe 30 times a day, multiplied by 6 months. Ick.

Wednesday is the inspection day. I really do have time. So what the hell am I doing blogging??? Yep, procrastinating.

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