I usually agree with folks' pet peeves, but there's one that I seldom (ever?) see listed. That is the habit of some people to try to enter an elevator car before riders who are disembarking have a chance to get out.

What's the hurry, that they risk actual injury to others? Perhaps they think the fella who has to step backward against their frontal assault doesn't have someone behind him who is less steady on their feet? Or maybe boarding ten seconds later, after allowing other riders to leave, will somehow corrupt their own journey up or down? They should look on it as an IQ test, and they've failed...

And... I'm not a huge fan of Andy Rooney - he seems a bit around the bend sometimes. But one thing I agree with him about... when asked what he'd say to the youth of America he said, "Turn your cap around and pull your pants up---you look like an idiot."


  1. Not only that last statement, but add to it to learn to speak slower and ENUNCIATE!

  2. I totally agree with the elevator statement! I was on crutchs for awhile last year and I can't tell you how many times I nearly got ran over when I was coming out of elevators...

  3. I agree totally! I really don't get the pants thing - looks so stupid! There are so many things that people do that bug me....