...some of my favorite things...

What with all the grumbling I (and others!) have been doing, I think it's time for listing some of my favorite things:

Let's see...

Favorite TV shows: CBS Sunday Morning, Dexter, Survivor, As Time Goes By (British)
(I also like the Roe Conn radio show weekday afternoons, on WLS Chicago)

Favorite movie: Hard to find, but a joyous little gem: "Good Luck"
(Vincent D'Onofrio as you've NEVER seen him before!)

Favorite Actor: Vincent D'Onofrio and Michael C. Hall

Favorite Actress: (Dame) Judi Dench

Favorite food: sushi ... I'd eat it every day if I could afford to.

I'll add to it as I remember things to list.

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  1. Good Luck sounds like a really good movie. I think I will go over to Netflix and see if I can add it to my queue. I love D'Onofrio on Law & Order Criminal Intent, so it'd be interested in seeing him in a different role. Thanks for sharing this.