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The euphoria of the election has made me less mindful of my responsibility to myself and to my art. (Also distracted by the racket caused by my mother and father turning over in their urns.. I'm so glad to have escaped the bigotry so endemic to the first half of the 20th century.)

Went to the MD yesterday for the allergy and the 'other problem' I was experiencing. Seems I have a major UTI, with possible bladder/kidney involvement. Since I'm on Medicare/M'aid, I only had to pay a couple of bucks for the antibiotic, but the cough medicine (the only one that works for me) for my dry cough is Tussionex at $48, with no generic. AND, if you are drawn to those Advair ads to help you with your breathing, know upfront that the stuff costs $400 per cassette as quoted by my Walgreen pharmacist. That's 66% of the money I have to live on ALL MONTH. I can only hope that the big-gun antibiotic works quickly so my immune system can get to work fighting off the pollen and dust that corn disking throws in the air and into my lungs. I know there are 'compassionate use' programs, but the paperwork takes weeks to process... I'll either be cured or dead by that time...

Anyway... what does this have to do with 'art'? Simply this: I'm going to actually start posting some of my work available for sale, here as on Etsy. Most will be $20 each, with 10% off if you mention this blog. I just HATE promoting myself (mentioned in the 7 things in my 'tagged' list), so bear with me. If you see anything you like, either on the scroll or listed in-post, email me and let's make a deal. If something you see is 'gone' I'll custom-make one just for you.

{{coughcough}} Eeek... time for my every-30-minutes dash to the 'other room'. I'm going to have to dig out my CD of Willie's "On the Road Again...."

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